Five Different Views of the Adelaide CBD

Way back in March of this year I went for a slow walk around the Adelaide CBD, all alone. This might seem odd to some people, but our inner city is only 1mile squared and mostly a ghost town around the edges. Aha, you can walk down lanes and alleys without anyone bothering you – which is cool for me, as I love my abstract and architecture photography.

Here are five of the latest uploads to my Flickr gallery from that day.

Light on a Wall

Offices, New and Old

Lonesome Worker

Highrise Apartments

Between the City and Hills

Check out all my photographs shot around Adelaide since January 2011.

2 thoughts on “Five Different Views of the Adelaide CBD

  1. So true Paul. Adelaide has a lot of dilapidated, historic and modernistic architecture. It’s amazing to see an empty warehouse surrounded by pastel-concrete highrise boxes. Adelaide is a diverse city, both structurally and architecturally.


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