Photographs of ANZAC Day Memorials

Most evenings I go for a walk to get some exercise. I like to think I get sufficient exercise between the train station and home – it is a 1.5klm walk, and much of it uphill. The morning walk is far more enjoyable! This evening I took my camera with me, with the plan to kill two birds with one stone: Exercise and Photography. They are a good mix, almost better than peanut butter and honey.

ANYHOW:  My walk tonight took me our local ANZAC memorial. Here are the subsequent photographs.

Wreaths on ANZAC Day Memorial

ANZAC Day Memorial and Wreaths

ANZAC Day Memorial - from Behind

ANZAC Day Memorial

Wreaths on ANZAC Day Memorial

It’s now I wish I had woken up earlier in the day. Maybe even slept more than four hours last night. Ah, the joys of a five-day weekend when my wife works the night-shifts. It’s like being single again. Wait, did I just type that? Anyhow, next year I plan to go in the morning. Actually, I plan to sleep the night before.

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