Finding About Yourself Using the Internet

Crazy Genius

I’m always looking at better ways to present myself online, both professionally and personally. The hardest part is writing descriptive words that sound neither egotistical nor arrogant.

So we sometimes spend time reading about other people to discover ourselves.

Which is what I have done for most of this afternoon.

Whilst my original plan today was to find a sensible and simple browser-based editor which would enable me to post directly from the browser or cut-n-paste into my CMS of choice, the direction of my goal changed dramatically.

After going through many different sites (after googling ‘best about me pages’ or similar), I many different and amazing sites. Undoubtedly there are hundreds more, yet these appealed most to be today.

Follow the links to understand what this list is all ‘about’. I’ve collected these links for inspiration – for style, typography, layout and words.


Jonny Campbel
Jesse Chapo
Jared Christensen
Dan Cederholm
Wing Cheng
Alex Chernishov
Dan Ciobanu
Sidney Collins
Dustin Curtis
Andrea Dall-Ara
Justin Delabar
David DeSandro
Michael Dick
Nick Finck
Tyler Galpin
Sean Geng
Vlad Georgescu
Matt Hamm
Chris Harrison
Dave Harrison
Darren Hoyt
Rogie King
Tarvis Isccas
Maurivan Luiz
Ken Mann
Ethan Marcotte
James A Mathias
Mark McGall
Kevin Monger
David Mott
Matt Mullenweg
Joe Nyaggah
Rob Palmer
Nicholas Patten
Joe Payton
Jason Reed
Ken Richmond
Dan Rubin
Travis Schmeisser
Guomundur Bjarni Sigurosson
Chris Spooner
Kyle Standing
Elliot Jay Stocks
Mark Suppelsa
Soh Tanaka
Jon Tangerine
Namie Genkin Taniguchi
Michael Villar
Khoi Vinh
Osvaldas Valutis
Tim Van Damme


Kirsten and Polly
Lila and Claudine
Toni Gemayel, Sean Farrell, TJ Weigel
Andy Shield, Simon Wilson, Jim Ramsden, Geoff White, Kevin Dew, Bev Croft, Craig Dennis and Louise O’Boyle

Before you ask, It’s very important to understand why your ‘about page’ matters !

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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