9 Articles Loaded with Photographic Tips

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It’s always good to go through one’s archives and history to see where the journey started – and to see if everything is still on track.

Over the last few years I have written a LOT of articles giving simple advice about photography. Mostly I link back to my own work, showing the world where I have been, what I enjoy, and where my ability and experience is best.

Today I choose to remind you of a few of the stories I have written. Many of these are my analysis of online articles or books PLUS life-experiences. Some link to other people’s articles. I hope you get as much from these articles as I do.

So much to read and so little time – it’s always the way!

What’s Next?

35mm Photography For Pleasure
Very soon I will list all the interesting books I have either purchased or received as gifts over the last 20 years! That’s 20 years of photography books! Seems my family and friends have learnt the most worthwhile gift they can give me for Christmas and birthdays is books about photography. Thus, I’m never without something to read to learn more about photography. Lucky me!

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