I Eat, Breathe and Sleep Photography

I’ve had a long and fruitful weekend, loaded to the brim with photography! From shooting, to editing, to uploading, to appraising, to critiquing, to choosing, and learning new techniques for ideas, I pretty-much eat, breathe, and sleep with photography!

It’s now 9pm (after watching 2 episodes of TBBT) on a Sunday night, and I still have stuff to complete before retiring back into the working week at my day-job. (And this week is going to busy with interviews, appointments plus catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in over 12 years!)

[1] Last Friday night was spent photographing attendees at the ‘Taste Furniture Store Launch’ at Payneham. Karen Foster offered me the opportunity to both be a guest and to photograph her event. But I don’t think she realised how involved I would become.

For two hours on Friday night, I either shot interesting images of the furniture around the shop or approached anyone who was standing alone and asked to take their photograph. Towards the end of the night, I stopped asking. It helped that during speeches, Karen told people who I am and that I would be the ‘professional photographer’ for the evening. (I still get a ego-boost whenever I hear it said by other people!)

[2] After a good nights sleep (yes, I managed to descend into the bed at a respectable hour, around 10.30pm), I spent a sunny Saturday going through my many photographs, picking those that would be perfect for online display.

Whilst I had told others that I would have them online before midday, it was closer to 5pm before I had finished editing and uploading!

Here is a sample of the many beautiful women who allowed me to photograph them:
View them at FULL size within my Facebook gallery.

But wait, that is not all!

[3] Between all of this, I uploaded a dozen photographs of furniture to my flickr gallery. Here is one of two stitched panorama’s of the interior of the new ‘Taste Furniture’ store at Payneham.

Panorama Interior 1
This is now being used in Mia’s article about the store launch (on Facebook).

[4] And between all of that, I helped my wife design and build her labels for her new honey business. More about that soon!

Whew, what a weekend! It took me an hour to compile this post! Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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