What Happened and Why I was not at the StartUpClub Discussion

Earlier tonight I was at the ‘Brunswick at 5.30pm for the Startup Club: Internet Marketing – Community Discussion. I had my first drink at 5.32pm. I sat upstairs for thirty minutes, starting this article. I left at 7.00pm, so had to complete it late tonight with suitable imagery.
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Birthday Gift - FOSSIL Watch

After chatting with people, a few good friends, and a few interesting people whom I only chatted with for a mere few minutes, I left. Why? I had a schedule, and other things to do tonight.

I half-expected the night to get under-way a lot sooner, at 6pm, as indicated in the event-description. But before I could blink (or finish my first drink), it was 6.45pm. Which was 15 minutes short of my scheduled departure.

So I gave it a few more minutes. During those minutes, the attendees started descending into the chairs provided. It’s only now I realise that my sitting-down to check my Apple-time might have instigated people’s decisions to sit and get the show started. So be it.

Just before 7pm, just as the organisers started their session, I said goodbye to those that mattered most to me, and promptly left, almost sprinting for my next appointment.

Whilst waiting for my next appointment (because nobody is ever on time, but that is part of business), I started writing this interesting story. See, there are so many things that happened tonight that I just would not have experienced if I had not gone to the StartUp Club meeting, and a few things I would not have seen had I stayed.
Again, read on…

If I hadn’t attended tonight’s StartUp-club meeting:


1. I wouldn’t have had the fun of ‘walking’ on GoogleMaps to find the Duke of Brunswick pub. They might have a small geographic location, yet they are a big presence in the Adelaide CBD.

2. I would never had the chance to see Mandi Whitten’s SALA exhibition in Crompton Street. I knew where it was located … yet stumbled upon it when I realised what street I was walking through. I have photographed the shop across the road a few years ago and had always intended to re-shoot. Pity I didn’t have my camera with me!

3. I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of meeting both Monica Bayer and Simon Tiddy. Yeah, I met a lot of other great people, but these guys are like old friends whom I enjoy meeting and chatting with at every opportunity!

4. I wouldn’t have discussed HTML, CSS, google algorithms and life experiences with Monica Bayer. We compared notes, thoughts and ideas. Simon is so lucky!

5. I wouldn’t have enjoyed my first Coopers Premium Light. I did ask for a Coopers Lite, but I meant a Pale. The ‘Lite is much better than expected. Yet I will ask for a Pale next time.

6. I might not have walked so fast across the city. A fast walk at 5.10pm from Pirie street got me to the pub at 5.30pm. A slow-ish walk back at 6.45pm got me back to the rendezvous point to meet my wife at 7.00pm. Go figure.

7. I would not have seen the roller-blader skating down Pirie street like he was in the Olympic long race.

I wish I could have stayed to listen and contribute to the event. But it wasn’t going to happen. No matter because I had a great night!!

Startup Club: Internet Marketing – Community Discussion

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