Children Photography

My favourite type of photography generally involves humans – particularly children. Before any of you highbrow types get your morals in a twist, I’m talking about family children during a family event.

On Mother’s Day (8.May.2010) I was lucky enough to shoot my nieces and their little friends whilst they jumped around on an enclosed trampoline, screaming like banshees. Whilst any other photographer would have asked for double the fee, I laughed with them, thus gaining their full attention whilst my camera captured their gregarious hilarity.

Having the nieces on-hand was quite beneficial. They did all the hard work for me: The smaller and younger was quite willing to tell the annoying Boys to “Go Away!“, and they did.

Her older sister ensured my words were listened to and my instructions were followed. See, she loves photography – and she loves my camera. Now that she knows I am upgrading to the Canon 50D (written before purchase), she is being particularly nice in the vain hope that I will let her have my older Canon 400D. Hmmmm, we will have to consider that for Xmas, 2015!

For much of the afternoon I was shooting little kids who knew they could see the photo instantly.
What a massive change in the camera industry over the last 50 years. Once upon a time people had to wait a few minutes standing very still as a phosphorous flash exploded above them, then wait a week before they even knew if the photo worked. Now kids can see static photos in real time – and they know enough to expect it!

Around 5.00pm all the other kids had been dragged screaming away to their respective homes. With an audible sigh, the younger one was heard to say “Finally!“. I knew what she wanted: Trampoline time with Uncle Stephen and his camera.

The kid had picked a great time. The clouds were gone and the sky was very blue. With an NDx2 attached to my 18-55mm, I sat low on the sun-side whilst the girls jumped higher and higher. Whilst I would love to show you the results, family has forbidden it.

It took less than 30minutes to tire her out completely. Then she sat on the cold trampoline to stare up at the stars. It was a quiet evening as I pointed out the “Belt of Orion” and “the Southern Cross.”

Then the smaller asked me to sit next to her during dinner. It seems that Uncle Stephen is her new best friend. At least for today.

It was a grand day to photograph the world from a child’s perspective.

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