Portrait of a Pet Cat

This is ‘Trouble‘, one of the two black cats. He happily posed for the camera during a quick photo-shoot.

He has a mysterious tumble-dried fur coat; We suspect he has a hint of ‘rag-doll‘ in his genetics. He hates being held like a baby (whereas the other cats do), instead preferring to be slung forward over an arm so his legs hang loose. His favourite past time is sleeping and having his chin scratched. Sometimes simultaneously.

Unfortunately none of his siblings were willing to participate in the photo-shoot, so Trouble is the only model getting internet-exposure tonight. We hope you get as much enjoyment viewing this gorgeous cat!


He might be 12 human years old, but he is still one of the four baby kittens we found in an Adelaide CBD car-park all those years ago.

You can see more photographs of Trouble and his siblings within their pho-cat-ography gallery.

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