Bottle of Wine with Your Framed Artwork

Islander Estate Vineyards (“IEV”), on Kangaroo Island, donated the wine for my #SALA gallery launch. Therefore we now have four bottles of their beautiful wines, 2 x red, 2 x white, available.

So here is the deal:

The next four buyers of a framed artwork from my #SALA store will each receive a bottle of choice with their purchase. You had better get here quick to get your favourite blend!

  1. IEV 2008 Shiraz
  2. IEV Sangiovese
  3. IEV Chardonnay [1]
  4. IEV Chardonnay [2]

Four Bottles of IEV Wine

Offer applies between August 8th – 22nd. Visit the stall ASAP. Only four bottles available.

WHERE: Shop 141, Adelaide Arcade (upstairs).
WHEN: Between July 31st and August 14th, 2010.

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