Saving Money with RSS-Readers

Most bosses are worried about the probability that you are viewing unsavoury internet sites, so they periodically send emails or bulletins outlining the strict usage of the internet for work-purposes. A few years back they were concerned with excessive band-width usage and download over-capacity, which is not really a problem if they have change their plans to uncapped.

If you must interact with your online friends during working hours, get your own access. There are few ways to do this, and none are illegal.

  • A: Get yourself an Apple Touch or iPad.
    Change the settings to connect with free Wifi. Go for a walk around a local mall or shopping-sector. Adelaide workers will now find Rundle Mall is one long Wifi zone. Sit where permitted and have fun chatting, reading, learning and/or listening.
  • B: Get yourself an Apple iPhone, a Blackberry,
    or any one of the new gadgets that enables internet connection and a clear view screen. Pay an exorbitant price per month – and have access every moment of the day.

The problem I have with option ‘B‘ is similar to my thoughts about FoxTel: “Unless you are using it every moment of the day, you are not getting your money’s worth.” Can you really justify the monthly expense? I cannot. So I am staying with option ‘A‘.

Strebor, Charles

But all you really enjoy is reading blogs, news articles and online information during your lunch break? Not to worry, I have the ultimate answer: RSS Feeders.

This method not only restricts the sites viewed, it also lessens the opportunity for unwanted popup screens, restricts the viewing to just the article, plus avoids downloading all those annoying animated advertising graphics within websites.

Since most people are viewing news sites, it would be far simpler to give your office a generic RSS-reader. This would mean that ONLY the title, date posted and actual content would be viewed and readable.

I have been using Bloglines to view around 300 sites for the past five years. There are plenty of alternatives, yet Bloglines is so simple to use that even government departments could implement, teach and learn it easily and quickly.

Alternatively, have a proper lunch break: Get off the internet.
Go for a walk, read a book, feel the sun on your face, remember what it’s like to run in the rain. Take a moment to remember what your life was like BEFORE the internet found its way into every facet of your life!

Hope this helps. Enjoy reading wherever, whenever and whatever pleases you!

2 thoughts on “Saving Money with RSS-Readers

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  1. i use google reader which i think is awesome, services like twitter can be very distracting so i pull everything into google reader and set aside some time each day to go through everything, i find this is a lot more productive than trying to be always on and always connected


  2. Loc, I’ve used google reader in the past, but the fascination didn’t last very long. I guess it’s a case of what we get accustomed to using, and sticking with it. I agree with you: Putting all the feeds you want to read through the one location is a great time-saver.


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