Afternoon Photo-Walk at Glenelg

The wife and I went for a walk to Glenelg beach today. Initially I went to check out the Adelaide Porsche Club cars on display at Wigley Reserve, but it turned out to be a non-event for me. Mostly because I had not brought a wide-angle lens, but after you’ve seen one modern porsche, you’ve seen them all. I enjoyed the curves and lines on the much-older cars. Just wish I had taken my 50mm Wide Angle lens. All I had was my 85mm Portrait lens and a 75-300mm Zoom lens. Big mistake!

So we went for a walk around the new-ish Marina. Amusingly we checked out all the boats, pointing out the ones we’d love to have. So happens there was a boat-agent window displaying boats and costs. Most of the boats were valued twice what we paid for our home, though slightly less than our investment-house. I tried to convince her that if we bought one, we’d have to live on it to justify the costs. Or rent it at ENORMOUS prices. That got me thinking, but we’d have to wait till after we’ve got our 5th investment-house before considering that option.

It didn’t take long to get around to the foreshore, viewing the ocean, beach, sand, people and glorious views.

Yes, it was a slightly grey day with too much cloud cover. But as any good photographer will know, cloud cover can be used to our advantage. Clouds are a great diffuser. With the right settings, light can be spread all around a location, product or person. Today I didn’t use the flash at all, though there was a few occasions it could have enhanced the shot.

What I enjoyed most about today was shooting a dozen sequential shots of a location to shot off the entire horizon. Below are two such images. To appreciate the full glory of each of these photographs, follow the link on each to the FULL version. Dimensions beneath each image.

Glenelg Jetty
Measurements: 9640 x 1000 pixels
Size: 3.4meg

Glenelg (x 180 degrees)
Measurements: 17025 x 1000 pixels
Size: 5meg

I did shoot a few Porsches today. I’ll be uploading and displaying them shortly. If you have any opinions or appreciation for the photographs above, feel free to comment here or upon my flickr gallery.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Photo-Walk at Glenelg

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  1. Lotsa fun stitching those together I bet! Does your program automatically match the best lines up, like my old phone used to?


  2. Hello Kay/Grumba/Murfomurf. The program I use does indeed match the lines up. It also enables lines to be straighened (both vertically and horizontally), plus a whole myriad of features for ensuring the image is picture-perfect. Sometimes it isn’t perfect, but then I would need to be using a tripod and stabliser.
    It’s not a phone-application, but it is available to purchase online. I’ll send you a private message regarding the name of the program so you can purchase if you wish.


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