Dont Ignore the People

Dear Mr Country-Leader, Corporate-Boss, Telco, Senator of Communication in Australia, etc:

Sir Walter Watson Hughes

The general public don’t care if you do not implement their ideas.

Most voters have come to expect that – they see through all your promises made days before each election. But they do care if you don’t ask for their opinions, ideas and feedback.

Successful company’s are those that dictate to their staff/customer, yet do so whilst asking what they want.

The better boss wields a strong hand, yet deals with problems and issues as informed by the people who elected or pay for their position.

Unsuccessful are those that strike at the heart of an open community with demands that disallow freedom, free-will, the chance to make mistakes and learn from them.

A community becomes a village of slavery when power is corrupted. True leadership provides with an informed logic with which the people agree and will act upon without question.

But good leadership enables the people to question every step and to be involved with the governance of a a state.

When the people get a say in the leadership of a body, and all questions are answered, and all decisions are with the peoples consent, a leader has proven his worth.

Can you afford to ignore the people?!

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