Which Photographs to frame for SALA?

Three years ago someone told me about SALA – The South Australian Living Artists Festival.

I’d never heard about it, but was fascinated with the idea: An artist could get their legs in the Adelaide art-world through this type of event. That year I had a lot of people pushing me from the side to get involved with competitions, grants, even going solo. Whilst I knew I wasn’t ready for such extremes, I felt sure that SALA would be the perfect grounding.

That year I looked into it, and decided that my funds just were not sufficient for ALL the facets of this event. Whilst SALA helps support and promote, the artist picks up the bill for printing, framing, advertising, food & drinks on the opening night, or finds a sponsor. I had never considered sponsorship or external funding, so I let the whole thing slide by the wayside. Probably a bad move, but actually glad: It gave me more time to make sure I was fully ready.

Last year I was eager, but life took me in some interesting directions, both emotionally and financially. So I spent most of the last six months of last year slowly accumulating better photography, large frames and a lot more knowledge.

The year they are calling ‘Twenty Ten” has finally arrived, and this time I am participating.

Yet here I am at a stage that should have been decided months ago: Which pictures to print and frame? I have chosen all the images I am going to print, but I want your opinion on any others.

The first group are definitely being framed. You will be seeing them framed at this year’s SALA:

Lost Horizon by Stephen Mitchell Lines on the Horizon by Stephen Mitchell Out to the Horizon by Stephen Mitchell

Distant Horizon by Stephen Mitchell Moment to Remember by Stephen Mitchell Escaping the Storm by Stephen Mitchell

Knotted Rope by Stephen Mitchell Chair by Night, Bed by Day by Stephen Mitchell

This next group I am undecided on, so this is where you come in.

Please let me know if you’d like to see any of these framed and available to peruse and purchase. Or if you see any others in my extensive gallery that would be better, I welcome your advice!

Half Asleep by Stephen Mitchell Weary by Stephen Mitchell Fence Strainer by Stephen Mitchell

Farm Tools by Stephen Mitchell Only Flat On One Side by Stephen Mitchell Old Australian by Stephen Mitchell

Knot Tied Down by Stephen Mitchell Strung Out by Stephen Mitchell Waiting by Stephen Mitchell

This last set I would love to frame, if only to hang in my own office. Will be available to purchase as a set of three.

Sky Water by Stephen Mitchell Ground Water by Stephen Mitchell Tank Water by Stephen Mitchell

Yes, a lot of frames! Not all will be on the walls at the same time: As work sells, I will replace so that each position on the walls of wherever I exhibit my photography will be full at all times.

I look forward to your responses. I truly welcome your advice and opinion on these photographs for exhibition at SALA 2010!

Be part of the Arts in South Australia.

5 thoughts on “Which Photographs to frame for SALA?

Add yours

  1. It’s so subjective. I like the portrait format of the shed and the bike, and the flat tyre. Good luck in choosing and I’ll try to get along to your exhibition.


  2. Thanks Jen. The corrugated iron shots are very popular, so I should choose some of them. I’ll be sure to send invites to yourself and a lot of friends and family!


  3. Hello Emele, thanks for your input. Great suggestions. As for being ‘stock type photos’, that is an interesting comment. I would not call my work stock-shots, yet maybe it is to some people.


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