I have found a better Camera Strap!

I have shown you this before, but there is a good reason why I am showing how my camera-strap is attached to my Canon EOS400D: With the battery-grip attached, I am able to attach the neck-strap to just one side of the camera.

Hand Strap on Canon EOS 400D

Now it doesn’t get entangled around my neck when holding the camera. This allows me more freedom when changing the camera-settings and changing lenses. It also means I can safely dangle the camera at my side (with the neck-strap looped twice around my wrist).

About two years ago I gave you three alternatives to the Canon Hand Strap, plus a simple explanation for installing the standard strap. Whilst the ideas are interesting, the standard installation is complex, tricky and can be painful if you get it wrong the first time. I also found this problem when installing the neck-strap onto my camera.

Tonight I found this great site that sells the coolest camera strap!

It will suit any camera brand, and will allow quick access to your camera at any time. Check out how much effort has gone into designing and creating this strap for your comfort.

Here is their site and a video on Youtube that will explain to you how to install onto your camera and adjust to suit your body.

The LumaLoop costs $60 and Lanyard costs $10. Anywhere else in the world will have additional P&H costs. Personally, I find this a great purchase if it is under $140. If you have one already, I’d love to read your critique!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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