How is your Business Being Seen on the WWW?

This is an interesting podcast from LeeHopkins. I’ve met Lee, I know he is passionate about this subject, and I know he means alll that he says, and it is interesting to see him gesticulating from the grassy side-walks in North Adelaide. I wondered why he is standing to one side of screen … but it makes sense when objects start appearing!

Please spend the few minutes watching this YouTube clip – if only to discover how many different pockets his ‘Journalist Vest’ has, and what can fit into them. Note the zip-up pocket for his iPhone, an ingenious idea!

Here are two quotes paraphrased from the content herein that employers should read and realise where they can improve their company’s appearance in the public eye.

Every employee should be given the opportunity to make a positive change someone’s life”

A business should think very carefully when it says ‘NO!’ to Twitter, Facebook, social-networking. Because you are holding back your best to serve from serving your company better.”
This is a mash-up of a few broken sentences right at the end. I do hope @Lee agrees that this says what he was alluding toward.

Copper Highway

At least 40 people from my office are on Facebook – yet the office does NOT have it’s own Facebook fan-page. Thus leaving staff the ability to make un-official comments about work, other staff, management, and anything they do and don’t like. This is not a good thing.

Any business that presents itself on the internet today should also include a medium through which they can sell, promote, apologise and ask questions. This way they can know exactly how their staff and customers feel about them, and improve where required.


Found on Amazon: Photo Journalists Vest @ $45

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  1. Haha Loc, yeah the jacket is a little nerdy – but oh-so-practical!
    Need to let go of the illusion of control, risky/scary” – Not sure what you are suggesting here. Can you elaborate?


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