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Ari Herzog has a 4.5minute podcast that basically gives you these two links that will improve your use of Twitter:

1. Now Shoosh – Allows you to avoid people you don’t really want to read right now.
2. Endless Tweets – Loads pages endlessly when scrolling on the Twitter timeline; Remembers last read tweet; Tab-completion of friend names; plus more!

First problem solved.

Jerry Bowles finds Twitter mindless and boring. It would be if you followed people who only said mindless and boring things. So don’t follow those people.

Second problem solved.

David Carr says twitter will endure, Jared Seeger says he doesn’t like twitter and Jim Tobin says Facebook to outflank Twitter. All great reading, whichever way they vote on the issues. Only time will tell if they change their mind.

No problem until then.

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