Having Fun Creating Graphic Art

What did I do tonight? Not a lot really, at least for me.

1. Designed two backgrounds for @Digsby:

1a. Background #1. This was a quick idea, nothing more, nothing less. Figured it might as well be submitted.

1b. Background #2 is still in the moderation queue. I spent a whole hour on it, having fun testing features of GIMP. All whilst watching 2.5men. Tomorrow night the TV stays off!

2. Compiled all my old t-shirts that have funny messages

Because Redbubble shirts are so comfy and warm, I am recreating many of these shirts I originally spent money on because I had to have them, uploading the results to Redbubble.com and then buying my own shirts. Great idea, right?!

T-Shirt Collection

That’s it. Not much of an evening really. Must say I really should have stuck to what I did last night:

3. Making @Benaud‘s little Andrew appear in different scenes.

Last night he appeared on Tatooine and in Manhattan. Soon he will be fighting Godzilla, hopefully to severe the monster’s head with a red light sabre. I’m pencilling up an idea to make him into a cupid that wields a sabre not a bow-&-arrow! If that works, I’ve another idea that will make your head spin. Hmmm… head spin. Anyhow, for now check out last night’s effort:

Andrew Skywalker on Tatooine

Andrew in Manhattan

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