The Austin A70 Hampshire Utility

This is the very rare Austin A70 Hampshire Ute (or PickUp), albeit a little worse for wear and completely beyond restoration. But I like it that way. This once beautiful car will probably rust all the way back into the ground from whence its metal and leather parts originated.

The car is currently located on a Kangaroo Island farm yard. Last time I visited it was buried under a cavalcade of metal scrap and other car-parts, so I am very happy to have taken these few exclusive shots before that happened! Next time I visit I plan to dig my way through the burial site to pry off a few particular parts.

I encourage someone to purchase these three images, framed, for the pleasure of keeping and seeing a historic piece of Australian history.

Viewed here are Large Flat Frames, Walnut Frame, Off-white Matte.

Austin A70 Hampshire Ute, Left Door

Austin A70 Hampshire Ute, Portrait

Austin A70 Hampshire Ute, Tray II


Austin A70 Hampshire Ute, Tray

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