Nine characteristics of an Entrepreneur

Someone has written on that the standard entrepreneur has these nine characteristics. I’ve added appropriate links to key words, in the hope that it takes your entrepreneurial skills further along your journey.

1. Vision and Drive

The entrepreneur has an enthusiastic vision, the driving force of an enterprise.

2. Eclectic Thinker

The entrepreneur’s vision is usually supported by an interlocked collection of specific ideas not available to the marketplace.

3. Willing to Evolve

The overall blueprint to realize the vision is clear, however details may be incomplete, flexible, and evolving.

4. Enthusiastic

The entrepreneur promotes the vision with enthusiastic passion.

5. Converts Dreams into Reality

With persistence and determination, the entrepreneur develops strategies to change the vision into reality.

6. Responsible for Action

The entrepreneur takes the initial responsibility to cause a vision to become a success.

7. Researches before Risking

Entrepreneurs take prudent risks. They assess costs, market/customer needs and persuade others to join and help.

8. Positive Attitude

An entrepreneur is usually a positive thinker and a decision maker.

9. Can See the Future, Learns from the Past and Takes Stock in the Now

An entrepreneur has inspiration, motivation and sensibility.

Are you capable of all this?

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