Warrawong Wildlife Photography

Today my wife and I procured our nieces from their parents, so they could enjoy a night out without the “rug rats” in tow. Without much argument, the kids agreed with our decision to take them to the Warrawong Wildlife Sanctuary.

Because I had not been there in almost 20 years, I turned it into a great opportunity to take some photographs. I also helped the older girl (10yo) learn how to shoot with a Canon EOS 400D, rather than the snap camera we gave her for Christmas last year!

We also had our evening dinner at the Restaurant. I will write my full review of the delicious food, great service, spectacular dining and friendly atmosphere tomorrow night.

Here are just a few of my photographs. More later from SWMBO‘s camera, both shot by SWMBO and the 10yo.

Caged Galah Kangaroo Nose White Kangaroo 3 Brown Kangaroo

White Kangaroo 2 White Kangaroo 1 White Kangaroo 4 Three Kangaroos

Girl Feeding Kangaroo Canon Photographer Boardwalk (to Platypus Lake) Boardwalk

Upward All Grown Up Trees (atop Platypus Lake) Warrawong Sanctuary

No Name Wallabys Feeding Warrawong Sanctuary Warrawong Sanctuary ii

Warrawong Sanctuary iii Warrawong Restaurant i Warrawong Restaurant iv Warrawong Restaurant vi

Warrawong Restaurant vii Curried Chicken and Rice Kangaroo and Vegetables

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