Getting into my Groove

One thing I always enjoy doing when I am bored: Designing or redesigning logo’s. Because I have good quality programs (now!) and a creative mindset, I like seeing how I would present a logo if it were up to me. Many of them are not publishable because they are businesses that can afford to sue the pants off me!

But I felt it important to mention this. I’ve added graphic design to my repertoire because I am now getting the occasional paid job for my efforts!

The important part is that I have found what I enjoy most doing with my time: I get great pleasure out of creating, designing, and building images that either make a difference or stand out in the crowd.

Further proof that I can do anything when I set my mind to doing it. As said by Liz Strauss,

You don’t have to imagine your future in detail to create it. Many of us stop ourselves from taking a gamble because we don’t have what we think we need to be successful. It really is okay to move forward without these things as long as you understand that the destination can change.”

What are you doing because you know you can do it well?

Remains of the Cola

PS. Here are some excellent resources for logo inspiration!

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