My father makes model aeroplanes. He made the first flying Snoopy DogHouse back in the mid 1980’s. Dad also made a flying Super Man (where one of my brothers was used to get the shape right!) that was basically 2′-thick foam with 3 wheels for landing and a propeller at the pointy end. To fly, it had to be thrown into the air!

Anyhow, these days he makes very very light weight aircraft that are flown inside a school gymnasium! They are so light, they are flown up into the air-vents in the ceiling and allowed to stand vertically and hover in the air.

These photographs were shot about three years ago when Dad was helping us lay down floating floorboards in the garage. The walls are white, so they make a perfect backdrop!

Source of Aeroplane Power

Aeroplane Engine Takes Battery-ing

Aeroplane Lands in Suburban Garage

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