Six Favourite Songs of Michael Jackson

Love him or hate him, Michael Jackson wrote and produced some of the most memorable songs in the world. Neither you or I have the full story on why he made some choices, so there is no way we can make a derogatory nor defamatory judgement about his lifestyle.

After U2 and the Beatles, Michael Jackson wrote songs that certainly helped a lot of people live a better life and in a better world. Some songs are easily forgettable, but there many more that either changed the way we see the world or the way we moved our hips.

Here are my favourite Michael Jackson songs, all of which you can see displayed as video’s at Youtube:

Heal the World

You Are Not Alone

Black or White

They Don’t Care About Us

Gone Too Soon

To remind you of his involvement in world wide events, view this amazing song :

We Are the World.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I love his music. Yes, the man that lived to create this amazing music may have a few idiotic beliefs, plus some strange habits that changed his hair and skin periodically … yet he influenced a whole generation of teenagers.

What I prefer to do is listen to Michael’s music, enjoy the many tunes, odd yet addictive dance steps (I once learnt to Moon-Walk, but I’m not so good now!) and let it all remind me of the era in which I grew up! I’m not going to spend my life being scared of what I like.

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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