A few months back I visited an amazing public garden in the Adelaide hills – Wittunga Botanic Gardens. This park is filled with South African plants that are suited to the South australian climate, so they flower most of the year. Thankfully the rain had abated and the cloud clover was good for overall-light, so I took the opportunity to photograph flowers and bees with my Canon 60mm Macro Lens.

After three hours I had taken around 600 photographs of many textures, leaves, flowers and other abstracts … and discovered I had walked full circle back around to the car park. I was quite happy with my load: Having a sturdy tripod with me had improved a lot of shots incredibly, stabilising my camera where shooting by hand would have been given insufficiently detailed images.

The amusing part was discovering that my wife had taken my card-reader with her on her short holiday (4 days on Kangaroo-Island), so I had to resort to alternative methods to get the JPEG’S off my camera. After a quick conversation with plurk-friends, it was suggested that I use the camera-cable. I couldn’t even recall what it looked like, yet amusingly it was the first cable I picked up from the side of my office table!

Here are a few of the photographs I have liked enough to put upon my Redbubble gallery.



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