Photo-MeetUp, 31st May, Adelaide CBD

Dancing on the Rotunda

In case you haven’t heard, I’ve organised a ‘MeetUp’ for Adelaide Photographers. I got this started about a fortnight ago and have been pleasantly surprised by the amazing response saying “YES!”.


This is more than your average group of people. At this stage we have about 30 people turning up, ranging from Amateurs to full-professionals, plus some spouses and children.

The day is organised, with a street map that includes Rundle Mall, Hindley Street and North Terrace – plus a visit into Government House! Yes, I am aware that not everything goes to schedule, but I know that at least having a schedule, we all know what’s going to happen next. Even if it happens a little earlier or later than expected.

Alight @ Night

Do you want to enjoy a walk with a lot of strange people, yet who are amazing photographers?

You are quite welcome!

To help me keep control of the numbers, leave your name (and other details) here. The cut-off point for joining? There isn’t one. I’m putting name labels on everyone who turns up, so I’ll be sure to bring blank labels and a sharpie!

I’m looking forward to meeting, greeting, shooting and networking with all that attend.
Remember to bring spare batteries, spare memory-cards, your tripod and a rain-coat. Adelaide is a little wet this month, and there is no telling what weather we will have this Sunday.

For those readers from around the world, the photography of the artists will be tagged : asacitywalkmay2009. I’ll write another article about the event next week!


1. Adelaide Weather on BOM.
2. Photographic Wholesalers, Hutt Street, Adelaide CBD. (Advertised because I hope some of their staff decide to turn up for this Event!)

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