Panorama of Kangaroo Island

My first panorama image shot yesterday at the Kingscote Jetty is almost a perpetual panorama. Best seen full size.

Panorama on Kangaroo Island

Here are a few more, also shot on Kangaroo Island, to keep you tantalised and amazed at what can be achieved WITHOUT a tripod…

Kingscote Cliff 2

Kingscote Cliff 2a

Kingscote Cliff

Expect more like this: I am having heaps of fun shooting panoramic views!

4 thoughts on “Panorama of Kangaroo Island

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  1. Damn they are some nice panos! I too had an addiction to panoramas when I had a smaller bridge camera, dont seem to have been able to pull it off as well with a DSLR :-(


  2. Thanks Jon, Your compliment is appreciated!
    I’m getting these pano’s printed within the next 4 weeks, up to A3, then framed. They’ll hang in my home office until later this year… Big plans are happening!


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