Is it Orton or HDR?

More often I don’t read the instructions. They are usually filled with waffle and glossy pictures. Sometimes I find the step-by-step instructions are either inadequate or incomplete. I prefer to jump in feet first and swim my way up, then I re-write the instructions.

With that in mind, I’ve got a small project to do early next week: Convert Trey Ratcliff Triple-Lesson into HDRI into a simple step-by-step instruction manual, plus usable with GIMP. Maybe this has been done before, but I want to be able to read it succinctly and concisely. I just want the instructions, not all the pronouns and extra waffly details. I’ll swim through it all my way.

On that note, I plan to do a lot more HDR work over the next few months.

OK, nothing so flamboyant as Trey’s amazing work, but simply to enhance shots that would otherwise be deleted. Sounds a bit odd? Well, I’ve determined that Orton and HDR are pretty much the same thing. And I’ve already learnt Orton to the point that I have a technique called ‘Orton+’ (more on that later) that I’ve used on a few images.

Here they are.

Dashboard (Orton)

Many more Orton/HDR images that I photographed and edited are available to view on my Redbubble Gallery.

Now some of you may tell me they either are or are not, feel free, I encourage healthy discussion.

2 thoughts on “Is it Orton or HDR?

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  1. This project is at an interesting stage:
    1. Re-write down to generic steps complete.
    2. Conversion to GIMP still in testing.
    3. Series of images (that will only be viewable via links back to flickr) need to created.
    Planning to complete before end of this coming week. I have so much planned to do in one life-time!


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