Adelaide Panorama

This afternoon my wife and I went into the Adelaide CBD to shop at the Central Markets. Thankfully she let me take a walk into Victoria Square with my camera.

After the sun had hidden itself behind the Hilton Hotel, I decided there was still enough light in the sky to attempt a panorama. Without a tripod, I did a quick 360 spin, taking shots every few half a second.

This resulting panorama has a slight blur to the whole image because I set my Canon EOS 400D to ‘auto-focus’ which meant each individual image chose different focal points.

Panorama - Victoria Square

It looks fantastic at it’s largest resolution: 4722 x 500

Note: To accomplish this image, only nine of the forty-seven photographs were required. Imagines combined using AutoStitch.


Check out the first comment to see how Rantz helped make my panorama into a ‘perpetual panorama‘. To quote Richard quoting Barney: It looks Awesome!’

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