One Good Shot in Every Hundred

“Of all the photographs you shoot per week,
what percentage rank as your BEST photographs?“.

Anyone who claims to take 1500+ images per week might only keep 2%-5% for publication, printing or purchase.

Five years ago I would shoot 300+ per day of which maybe 2 were fantastic and worthy of print.

These days I know my camera and equipment far better, thus I may shoot 500 per week, of which around 100 would the best thereof, yet only 25 at maximum would be worthy of print, and only 5 worthy of purchase.

I like those odds.


4 thoughts on “One Good Shot in Every Hundred

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  1. I never can tell- sometimes I take 300 and none are my glass pf tea; other times take 50 and I like 20. Virtually none of mine sell, so there’s not much in my odds at all!! I just do what keeps me happiest. I find the zoo is very unrewarding while they’re building the panda palace too.


  2. Hello Kay, thanks for commenting. I couldn’t agree more, shooting to please one’s self is all that matters, marketing and selling is secondary.
    Yes, Until the Adelaide Zoo completes all the new extensions, it’s not the best place for shooting many exciting animals.


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