Favourite Photo’s of 2008

I had an idea whilst perusing my photography uploaded to Flickr throughout 2008: Upload 1 photograph from each month of 2008 from our own photo-gallery’s upon Flickr. Here are my results:


Me, Myself and I
Stichware: None. With a good tripod, a remote, a bit of pre-thought on where the camera would see me and nil flash – it worked. So how did I join them? IRFANVIEW. Freeware. Easy, but far from perfect.
Oh wait, I tried Canon AutoStitch (Free with EOS400D). Stupid program can’t cope with so much overlap. If you can recommend a decent stitch program, I’m listening…


Mini Fanatic
The Clipsal500 Motor Race came to town. Every male around Australia converged on the track to listen to the roar of cars screaming around the the Adelaide CBD. I went for two days to see what I could photograph. It was during this weekend that I realised the value of multi-firing.


Coin Attraction
We went to Lismore (NSW, Australia) for my Opa’s 21st birthday. Say what? Yes, he was born on the 29th February, so his birthday is every 4 years. During our week interstate, we visited a few places off the beaten-track including Crystal Castle where we found these interesting stone carvings.


What the Heck is This?
David says it is possibly an Elephant weevil – Orthorhinus cylindrirostris. Lamia_Psyche says it is a snout weevil. They are damaging to crops and if you get them in your kitchen they can live in flour or rice and reproduce, otherwise harmless. So finally we have two good answers, both of which I have confirmed to some degree of satisfaction with other images I have found around the WWW.


Eye for Photography , Bloody Hammer
Was a difficult choice this month for my favourite. The image above on the left is Mick who is both on Redbubble and Flickr. We met during a Redbubble MeetUp of photographers. That was a fun day!
The photo on the right is from our weekend to Melbourne.


SeaLink Horizon
Taken during the return journey back from Kangaroo Island. The clouds were rolling in from the northern oceans creating this amazing cloud-front. Too good an opportunity to waste!


In The Pink


Hiding behind Canon
That’s lil old me, shooting myself with a Canon 50mm f1.8 Fixed lens through the mirror on the sun visor within car.


Spoken For
We went to Kangaroo Island again, stayed about a week. I had plenty of great opportunities, this being one of the better times. It’s amazing how close this pelican walked toward me to get his photograph taken.
Yet not so close that I could touch the feather down upon his head. Thus the title.


Our Old Oven
We began demolishing our old kitchen back in October this year. About a week after this photograph was taken, the wife and I took a sledgehammer to the kitchen, demolishing nearly everything! The new kitchen now looks a lot darn better!


Half an Orange , @Rantz's Crocodile
Another couple of photographs for one month! On the left is a macro shot of a mandarin I’d left in the backyard for a few weeks to watch how it would deteriorate. But it went solid instead!
On the right is my manipulation of @Rant’s crocodile. Software: GIMP.


And this month I have chosen four images:
Fishing Weekend , Trailer Bike
Copper Highway , Santa Wave

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  1. Nice little array to show off your 2008! I must do this, too- it will make me appreciate how many nice pix I have managed to grab in 12 months.
    We must do a city-lookup! stroll soon! ;)


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