The Other F Word

There is an old saying that’s often said by people when people beginning an arduous yet not nearly so impossible project:

“Failure is not an option”.

For those of us of a less-cynical, more adventurous and self-forgiving attitude, I have refined this to a more positive statement:

“Failure is a consideration but not a hindrance: Failure is a step, a learning curve and (most importantly) an opportunity to try again.”

Too lengthy? Here is yet another version that may also appeal to the more entrepreneurial:

“Failure only matters when it’s happening.”.

Hmmm. Whilst a head in the clouds attitude is good, make sure you can still see the path of truth. Let me change that again:

“Failure is often mistaken for finality.”

Yes, that’s it. Therefore, let us proceed onwards and upwards.

3 thoughts on “The Other F Word

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  1. Your last statement “failure is often mistaken for finality” also applies to the world of sports. Losing and/or failing is the end of the world, only if you let it be. Failure and success are measurements that don’t take into account intangibles such as excellence in approach, attitude and mentality. Those things help us grow and become better humans, and I think that’s what matters the most anyway.


  2. That is so true Kevin, finality is often found in the world of sports. We see that at the Olympics when athletes fail to achieve the goals they set four years prior, and they stop in their tracks, as if their whole world is ended.
    Thanks for your input, thanks. Your avatar suggests you might be a public speaker, yet you have not included a weblink to any site where you could promote yourself. I welcome you to repost a comment with linkage.


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