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Whilst traveling the train this evening, some guy got on at one station. He was complete with camera and tripod.

I noticed his little camera bag also had a pencil and lined pad. I presumed he’d spent the day photographing trains, but he could have come from anywhere along the line.

Who knows what he shot? I was intrigued to know, so pondered upon my next manoeuvre to determine what this man’s camera had seen and captured!

Considering I was clothed in corporate attire, he couldn’t have known I am a fellow follower of the photographer-trade.

I felt compelled to ask what he does with his photography, where he displays and promotes his work, or even if it leaves his computer. Problem is, some people are difficult to read. Private vs public persona can be quite different.

I really wanted to find out if he was a gallery owner upon Flickr or Redbubble. Maybe that was a little presumptuous of me, but sometimes I go into sales-mode without blinking. Always looking for new recruits, forever finding like-minded souls.

My opportunity disappeared before my eyes: He got off at the Mitcham train station before I even got close enough to introduce myself.

But the situation got me thinking:

How do you introduce yourself to a complete stranger? What information do we divulge when meeting a person for the first time?

How do we prove our identity? Do you have a personal or business card to show your credentials?

I irregularly engage in conversation with complete strangers on the train or wherever the opportunity presents itself.. I find it is the surest way of making new friends, or at least discovering there is more to life than the world we have created around/for ourselves.

I’m adding another tool to my introductions: The business/personal cards I really need, they are soon to exist. I have finalized their appearance, text, and color scheme. Next payday I plan to order my first batch. Produced by a local print business, 250 new potential friends they will help me find. Maybe one or two will be photographic models or potential mentors. I’m also hunting for a freeware or shareware program with which to produce and print the cards myself.

Your thoughts on introductory speeches plus good card-printing programs welcomed.

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  1. You may want something more sophisticated, but Avery includes a free CD of software in their Business Card package. The software includes templates to use with all sorts of Avery products. This at least works well for an amateur.


  2. Stephen,

    I’ve often pondered this myself. Back in the day, the idle rich had their ‘calling cards’ which I guess were a similar in principle. A lovely idea. Post a pic of your prototype, perhaps we all should have an experimental day of it and then all post back the responses we get and how we approached people? I think it’d be great fun.


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