Taking Inspiration from Local Business

Fnucky have ten great motto’s that any business should use. This is what they believe in:

  1. Passionately hate cruise control: Cover bands don’t change the world.
  2. Keeping a client should always be more satisfying than winning one.
  3. Celebrate success, but feel the pain of a loss. It’s all about taking credit and accepting responsibility.
  4. Know all the rules. If you are going to smash them to pieces.
  5. Get emotional. Laugh. Cry. Love. Hate. Nothing connects more than work with passion and soul.
  6. Be transparent. there’s nothing more refreshing than an open book policy.
  7. Be famous for something. Encourage personality and embrace individuality to give yourself the best chance to discover what sets you apart.
  8. Never stop learning from your peers. Be inspired by them. Be better because of them.
  9. Tell the truth, even if it hurts. If you want everyone’s respect, lose the sugar coating.
  10. Inspire confidence by doing the right thing.

Nice list guys. Inspirational!

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