5 Days on Kangaroo Island

We’ve finally returned from five days on Kangaroo Island!

From October 1st to 6th 2007, I shot images from Kingscote to Cygnet River.

Traveling by Quad-runner (four wheeled motorbike) across the 500-hectare property, I was able to stop and start as new and interesting scenes were found.

More photographs re being uploaded to my online galleries. I’m hoping you like them enough to purchase this framed view of the Emu Bay beach !

The best part of the five days away was taking our eight-year-old niece with us.

This enabled her parents to have seriously quiet time (with their other child, the 2-year-old), but enabled us to learn about parent-hood, how to spin a child without getting too dizzy, to remember what sleeping for ten-hours is like, and to remember how to play interesting board games: UNO, PayDay, Squatter, Go_Fish, Snap, Triominos and Rummikub. We all had some late nights!

Every day was spent chasing sheep from paddock (because it had to be done, not just for fun), watching sheep-shearing, chasing an eight-year-old around, and photographing everything that stood still long enough!

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