A Photographic Journey to Kangaroo Island

If images tell a thousand words, here is a 44,000-word story of our one week on Kangaroo Island in mid July 2007. It’s so much easier than typing all the words. To read more, follow the link on each image to read my quick blurb beneath each.

For seven days we spent time on Kangaroo Island seeing many sites that tourists never get the opportunity to visit, plus some they should know quite well. The difference being the direction and perspective from which my camera was aimed.

Day 1:

Cleaning the Deck, View from Upper Deck, Flag on Kangaroo Island Ferry, Rear View of Kangaroo Island Ferry, Ropes at Cape Jervis Jetty, Kenworth at Cape Jervis.

Day 2:

Spoonbill Sanctuary, Fence on Salt Pan, Harvesting More Rain, Little Yoda, Penned Sheep, Is that Lamb Smiling?.

Day 3:

Shoe Cleaner, Aussie Barbecue, Fed on Fresh Tourist Food, Weir's Cove, Niece's Play in Ruins, Arches to Admire, Seals A'Sleeping, Stairs Down to Admirals Arch, English Beach? No, Seal Beach., Remarkably Big Rocks, Parndana Industrialism.

Day 4:

Pelicans at Fishermans Jetty, Kingscote, Heritage Mimimalism, Minimalism in Kingscote, Mud Wash, The Three Network?.

Day 5:

Ozone Hotel, Kingscote, Queenscliffe Family Hotel, Kingscote, Council Chambers, Kingscote, Ten Ways to Tell if your Flickr.com Addict.

Day 6:

Laddered Concrete, What's Red, Short and Sits at the End of Jetty's?, Cloud Trek, The New Generation, Jetty Wood.

Day 7:

Windmills on the Cape, Anchors Away!, Top Deck of Sea Lion Ferry, View of Cape Jervis from Penneshaw, Front View of a Sea Lion!, Into the Deep End, End of an Era.

And now I am back.
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