Aiming and Shooting with a Canon Ball

Earlier this afternoon I decided to test out the finer-attributes of this fine little camera of mine: A very compact Canon Digital IXUS v.2

It appears that with the right adjustments, I am quite the marksmen. Didn’t know I had it in me. Nor did I realise the camera had it either. Check out these great photographs of antique wooden balls.

Forty Two

Wondering where they came from? My wife’s late grandfather enjoyed collecting interesting items from garage sales in his neighborhood. When we sorted out the backyard shed these balls were buried amongst the interesting paraphernalia he had collected over the last twenty six years.

Here is yet another view:

Could You Get the Camera ANY Closer?!

Each photo makes me smile with amazement. Whilst taking the photographs I did not expect them to turn out so well. Whilst attempting a series of paperclip-shots, I changed the resolution to 1600×1200 and put a white-chip-board out in the sunlight pouring in the window.

Well, that got the ball rolling, so to speak:

Sunlit Perspective 0.1

But it was not till I was uploading them that I realised how well the camera had worked! But it got me thinking: Imagine the imagery I could capture if I had a better CANON? Is there a better CANON Camera?

Yep, there is.

The Canon EOS 30D. No doubt these are quite expensive – but I see value for money.

Turns out every CANON is a bloody good camera. SWMBO has already said she wants a new Digital Camera in the EOS range. I don’t blame her: Canon™ camera’s not only look great but they also are light-weight, easy to use … though a tad expensive. Imagine, if you wish, what more I could create with a more-recent model…?

Leaving Space for More

Me, I just want a camera that will allow me to get closer and closer, going macro. See, I have a fascination for ants.

Like every child, I spent many a day stomping them. I suspect I was quite over-zealous for a time. But now I am more interested in learning how to take better photographs of ants, viewing their under-carriage, their antenna, their journeys. Can you imagine being an ant? No, not as an “insignificant”, but for the massive journeys they take, day in, day out. From the hill to the back door, across the kitchen sink to the sugar. Seems it only takes one grain to attract the inquisitive nature of ants.

Hmmm. Time to redeem some karma. Particularly for using the good-names of
Jeff, Molly and Veerle in vain. But I still think twittr is a total waste of space.

Sun Shadow

Like my photography? Have ADSL? Then you’ll enjoy viewing them as slideshow.

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