Review: Thousand Heritage Helmet (Carbon Black)

I wrote this simple review to put on the Ben Buckler website. It’s regarding my Xmas present to myself – the Carbon Black Thousand-series Helmet . But not knowing when it would appear on their site, I am publishing it here also.

After reading many reviews on the thousand series, I went with this heritage style. Upon arrival, I was blown away with its style, colour, and appearance.

The brown leather strapping looks fantastic with the red soft material inside the carbon black bowl helmet. After tightening it sufficiently, I was blown away at how well it fits. This is possibly my most favourite component – because as we all know buying items online can be a painfully expensive experience.

Yes, it fits snugly onto my skull with very little twist left or right. The quick release magnetic clip is very new to me, so took time getting used to, yet is far more easier than using old fashioned buckles. I suggest testing it with it in front of you, bowl forward, fiddling with components to understand them. Then put on your head and attempt again. It will become second-nature very quickly.

Wearing it whilst riding a Super73 will get you enough stares to start your own franchise. I was stopped several times by friends and pedestrians asking where to buy either the helmet or bike! WIN WIN WIN!

Yes, the last line is a bit corny, but I was impressed to find myself discussing the features/cons/pros of the Super73ZG with David Irwin, owner of Raptor Domain . So you can understand my WIN WIN WIN comment!
I also have photographed and videoed the helmet with my eBike at nearby Kangaroo Island tourist locations .

Expect a vlog – showing helmet & ebike together – on my Youtube channel in early 2021!

PS. I am selling advertising space on the helmet!

Already Mow&Wash has the front and LSBeez have taken the rear spot. There’s still left and right – it could be you! Text me via Instagram or Twitter to place a 300mm x 300mm stuck-on advert or logo on my helmet!!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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