5 Important Messages My Kids Hear Daily

1. Listen, Learn Do!

Kids need discipline, no matter what age. Yes, I sound like my father – but I have finally realized how true this is. The harder it is to enforce, the more necessary it is.

I built this message out of necessity to make my kids realize that this message is a life lesson:

  • Listen to what is asked.
  • Learn what is necessary to complete the task.
  • Do the task. Do as you are told.

I am not stopping them from questioning me. But, to date, nobody has asked questions of the tasks, or suggested alternatives – other than to moan about doing the work. Or simply ignoring me.

But guess what happens when I start saying “Listen, Learn, D…”? — 5yo Aidan proclaims loudly “…DO!” Slowly, slowly, I am getting into their head, giving them discipline.

2. Prepare the Area

I cannot say this loud enough: Ensure the area you want to work in is ready:

  • Clean the Kitchen Bench before cutting anything. I don’t want salmonella or unwanted flavors in our dinner!
  • Clear the bedroom floor before you vacuum. Take the moment to retrieve missing socks and displaced toys.
  • Wash the kitchen table before you set it for dinner. Then wipe each piece of cutlery before setting it.
  • Every morning: Strip the bed and make it all again. It will feel so much better that night when you get in.

3. Do the Right Thing, Get the Nice Things

I can testify from personal experience how true this is.

Do the Right Thing (for your clients, your family, your parents, your boss, your friends), Get the nice things – and that include friendship, love, toys, bikes, skittles, unexpected gifts that you actually want, and much more.

Notice I don’t include money? Because money is earned. Be wary of people giving you cash for nothing. Unless it’s in grandma’s Xmas or Birthday card.

Because I provided excellent window-washing to a new resident on Kangaroo Island, I now ride a Super-73-ZG on Kangaroo Island, truly the best way to travel!

4. Turn Off The Television / Tablet! Get off Netflix! Get Off Youtube!

I realize this is my fault. I put you in front of the Television way too young. About the only good thing about TV:

  • ‘Octonauts’ and ‘The Deep’ were a preview of David Attenborough – which you now love watching.
  • Ninjago taught you about loyalty, teamwork, incredible animation, and that Lego has no limits.
  • Minecraft and the Lego-movies help improve your hand-to-eye coordination.
  • Pokemon is a complete and utter waste of time.

5. Leave the Cat Alone!

This is a more recent because a kitten is now being provided free board and lodging, free bed and breakfast, and a free massage when she pleases.

Our boys love this addition, and possibly a tad too much. ‘Missy’ regularly seeks amnesty in my office to escape the ever-grabbing hands of our youngest child. Despite the fify-million requests from both parents to “LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!”, young Aidan persists in wanting to hold her tight.

So let me please repeat “LEAVE THE CAT ALONE!”

Aidan, if you reading this article as a young man, remember these days.

No female likes being persistently grabbed, or she will want to leave. Let her go and maybe she will return. If she doesn’t, she was never yours. May this be your most important lesson in life.

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