Seven Woolen Beanies to Wear in Winter

There’s no denying that I love wearing baseball caps in Summer. But I also like a nice warm beanie in winter, particularly when I am on my Super 73-ZG.

I have a few black beanies, but I don’t look good in black at all. So I want one that looks cool AND keep me warm whilst on my bike.

Today I located seven fantastic beanies in organic colors.  Three of these will appear in my wardrobe and upon my head very soon! (Did anyone see what I did? 7… 3… )

  1. Kane \ Color: Kent Forest Green
  2. Montagna Felic \ Color:Green
  3. Amando \ Color:Brown
  4. Eagle \ Color: Salmon
  5. Amando \ Color:Khaki
  6. Routine \ Color: Barn Red
  7. Kevin Kite \ Color:Yellow
  8. Montagna Frencis \ Color:Burnt Orange & Brown

Yes, I cannot wear ANY beanie under my bike helmet. So I will only be wearing one when NOT on the bike and trying to keep my skull warm!

Like it, loathe it, love it? Leave a message.

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