Toys my Son Wants for Christmas!

All I want for Christmas for my six-month-old son are the following items: Traffic Play Rug This would be perfect for every other small toy in my son's small yet amazing collection. His few small cars and the pack of 20 green soldiers would be right at home parked around it. This rug with roads... Continue Reading →

Adelaide Zoo needs MORE Flamingos!

Wow, It has been about two years since I visited the Adelaide Zoo! My favourite animal to photograph is the Flamingo. They are a beautiful bird with a prestigious aura about them. Since it is highly improbable that the aged pair of flamingo's we have remaining will ever breed, one can only hope the Zoo... Continue Reading →

Help Stop Indonesian Logging

By now you would have heard that the Indonesian Pulp&Paper mills have resumed logging the rainforest in which endangered orangutan's have their habitat. I encourage you to sign this online petition so that we can present to them how many people of the world are totally opposed to this activity. Please. Let's all show how... Continue Reading →

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