Online Diversification: More TShirts!

Diversification is important in business. So I am trialing yet another tshirt site! is actually easier to use than most, and is quiet intuitive. After uploading a few of my deigns, then creating campaigns (products) within stores, I found getting a store up&running surprisingly easy. My new store - 'Artist-ART-Up' - is fast filling... Continue Reading →

Being Very Right

I like proving the vocational assessment I had 3 months ago to be very wrong. Yes, one might say a thing is either wrong or right, there's no place for a combination of the two. To that I'd like to butcher a quote by Stuart, owner of the profitless comic book store on #TheBigBangTheory -... Continue Reading →

6 Simple Reasons why Customer Service should be Real People

There are six reasons why I enjoy working in help-desk environments:
I am real,
I will listen,
I will support,
and either resolve or escalate your issue,
and I enjoy the work.

Get the Commissioner ... on the Gotham Phone



Reasons as Thought up by Sarengazie


I’m fighting the urge to pull out my hair and/or destroy my computer. This is not because I loft my hair or hate my computers (though sometimes, you know). It’s the non person customer service “agent” I’m dealing with on my laptop. I miss people, what happen to the people, why no people? Banks, restaurants, and even hospitals no longer have a person to help you. Technology has come a long way, Yes, but that doesn’t mean throw away the humans. We need humans. We are humans. Computers don’t get us. They can not comfort us. They are no good with assisting us in reaching a decision. Most importantly they always seem to not have the answer we are looking for. It’s like WHY DAMN IT WHY
Here are my 6 reasons why computers should no longer be customer support.

Computers aren’t perfect. Who hasn’t had a blackout shut down…

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