Never Give Up

The title is not misleading, it's a serious moral to this story. At about 8am this morning I flicked on the radio - right as they were doing a 10 question competition. Simply put, the caller was told to provide the correct answer to questions about Australia to win a small cash prize. Of the... Continue Reading →

Making Money Online

Gotta laugh at myself. I gambled and won $1T (that's trillion) in online fantasy share trading - and I didn't notice. Currently valued around $75T. Not bad since I started with only $500 around 6years ago.

My Wine for DeadReds

I've found a fantastic bottle of red for the next 'Dead Reds Wake #7' night! What are you bringing? See you there. I'll be the guy photographing all of attendees tasting, chatting and networking with all new-found friends. I know, because I've been to few wakes now, each time meeting new friends and finding great... Continue Reading →

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