The Google team have acknowledged they have a substitute for the Apple Team's handywork. Wait, they think it's a replacement? Not on your life.

Using Free WiFi Without Guilt

Finally the Borg have arrived and they are infiltrating our planetary network.In the early years of this millennia there were wild story's about wardrivers and piggybackers's with computers looking for broken networks to exploit. Now we can do this with an Apple device strapped to our arm.I was at my local BeanBar (coffee bar) a... Continue Reading →

Finding Wifi Spots in Adelaide

Now that I have become addicted to the Apple iPOD Touch, I am searching for ways to make this more cost-effective. I've since discovered there's absolutely no need to get the iPhone because the iTouch gives us the world-contact that we crave so much, all without spending our own money. How?, you might ask: Wifi.I... Continue Reading →

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