Updated Movie Editing Skills!

Back in 2017 (close to when we first moved to Kangaroo Island) I heard through the local grapevine there was going to be fireworks on this particular night. I got my gear together, I ran to the oval, and captured it all, edited that night, and had it online before anyone could ask "Was that... Continue Reading →

Mmmm… Coffee Tshirts!

Recently I purchased an enlightening book: "1000 T-Shirts: That Make a Statement". Consequently I have a whole plethora of amusing subjects in stages of design and creation. Utilizing obscure features of my preferred image-editor (GIMP 2.8), I am having fun creating them all. Here is one of them: You'll find more coffee and chocolate tshirts... Continue Reading →

One of My Tripods has Died!

Sometimes I create content which is a little obscure. This short video is about a mini-tripod that has been my favourite vlogging tool for about 2 years. It died earlier this week. Weirdly it was only a few hours after a friend told me about the SMOVE Smartphone Stablizer - which is essentially a Gimbal.... Continue Reading →

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