Ready to Surf the NEXT Google Wave?

Personally, I don't think Google Wave is going to revolutionise the world. Sure, Microsoft did manage to manipulate and monopolise the market 30-something years ago, but I don't see Google doing that here. With 100,000 invitations criss-crossing the planet, maybe a further 900,000 humans will find a way to either catch a ride or jump... Continue Reading →

Apple, HTML & Entrepreneurial

Learning the uses and writing about the intricacies of Apple product is the new focus now. Coding both HTML and CSS to create interesting pages of data are still my hobby and fascination, yet not on the forefront of interest so much anymore. Meh. Life's journey shouldn't dwell too long in the same place. Being... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Shirts and Events

I created two new shirts at lunch-time today. Hope you like them! Star Shooting Shooting Stars I have more shirts planned that are both in-design and in-production. I have few contacts who keep giving interesting suggestions for upcoming shirts, so there is always something interesting in my upload bin ready to upload to my redbubble... Continue Reading →

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