Learning the Bo Diddley Beat

I like finding and reading/watching all manner of interesting articles from all over the world wide web. I have done so for over ten years, and surely will continue garnering loads of information of all subjects. Even if pointless. Yet tonight's find isn't useless, yet maybe just a little left field for me. Being an... Continue Reading →

And Now We Are Three

To those who have not heard nor read elsewhere: My lovely wife and I now have a gorgeous little boy: Jai Ethan Mitchell Last Saturday night we went into the WCH hospital to be induced ... and about an hour later he arrived quicker than expected. There is much more to the story, but that... Continue Reading →

What a real U2 Fanatic Does Online

Whilst I had planned to save for a new canon lens, I've decided to get something far more important - at least for me: I want U2 tickets! Unfortunately U2 are not performing in Adelaide, so we will be spending a weekend in Brisbane or somewhere we can find family willing to accommodate us for... Continue Reading →

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