Your Icon, Your Apple

Right now you've probably got a few icons upon your Apple iPhone or Apple Touch that look like a screen-dump of the current home page of a few different sites you like most. Most likely including your own blog or website. Not pretty and since you rely on that image rather than the words beneath... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gifts, I Don’t Want

Whilst some people consider lists the lamest cop-out for a blog entry, under the current circumstances I find them ideal. It's nearing Christmas ... everyone's writing their lists, checking them twice, checking if they've been naughty or nice, then remembering that they haven't hung out the washing they promised they would do ... bugger it.... Continue Reading →

Through Rain, Heat & Doubt

Looks like my trusty mobile , the Nokia 3210 , is on its last legs: This morning a message of failing memory displayed across its little window. With a hint of a sigh, the little device said "Get lost! Do I look ready to think about your problems? Your contact list? Take a freaking number... Continue Reading →

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