Quality Reading

For a few years I have been reading posts by Chris Pearson over at Pearsonified. His site-design is less cluttered than many, thus making his articles easy to follow and read. His posts are always informative and teach old-tricks in new ways and in a different light. This may sound like what every one is... Continue Reading →

Painting with Children

Last week I was on a five day short holiday with my wife and two nieces. As usual (and you would expect), I photographed about five hundred photographs each day. Mostly of the girls, but those photographs are restricted for family viewing. What I enjoyed photographing most was their artwork, the seascape, landscape, pelicans and... Continue Reading →

History: March 2008

A year ago I was writing a lot more regularly. I'd like to return to that much writing per day and week. I do enjoy both typing and pencilling articles or stories, yet I rarely get to the stage of typing them up. Other interests have taken over that time slot. There were a few... Continue Reading →

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