Free Credit Cards

For those of you who visited here thinking you'd be able to get a free credit card to use at Christmas time - think again! What we have here is an icon collection of an amazing range of credit cards. This is great for those people who are selling stuff through their site which has... Continue Reading →

Blue Photographs

Charles(@Rantz) reminded of the Big Huge Labs Mosiac Tool. So I had some fun... Names of works, from top to bottom, from left to right: 1. Queen Victoria (?), 2. Twine DOF, 3. Boat Keel, 4. Candles, 5. Water, Fountain, Victoria Square 01, 6. Palm Tree at Japanese Gardens, 7. Skyward Bound, 8. Infinity, 9.... Continue Reading →

Take a Moment to Enjoy some Solitude

Solitude is a good thing, and taking time out is important. So I have compiled some images from my Redbubble gallery into a calendar. I find these photographs very calming and remind me that life is made of lots of imperfections with a few great moments. What you see below is the back of the... Continue Reading →

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