Save Space on your Computer

Yeah, tonight I am covering the all-important subject that probably effects most of us computer geeks: Finding or saving space on our computers. As often as possible I ''defrag" my laptop. But I often find there is insufficient space available for anything to be moved around during the defrag, so the computer fails to anything... Continue Reading →

Marketing to the Masses

According to page 39 of the "most important reading" [deadlink 17/07/2020] this month: Business is not about technology, it is not about products, it is not about marketing, it is not about finance, it is not about manufacturing; yes, you need all that but business in all about PEOPLE. You have to motivate people, sell... Continue Reading →

Where Will Your Computer Be in 2020?

Ever wondered where computers will be for your children? Or asked your inner child what life would be like for you if you had been born in 1989? (...because real IT-nerds were teenagers in 1989) I’ve always wondered where life would have taken me if I’d been born only twenty years ago - rather than... Continue Reading →

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